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  • Board Report (2015-10)
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Apache ACE is a software distribution framework that allows you to
centrally manage and distribute modular software components,
configuration data and other artifacts to OSGi based and related target
 * April 22nd, 2014: ACE 2.0.1 release.

 * Last committers added: March 27th, 2012
 * Last PMC members added: June 18th, 2013
 * Mailing list activity (dev+users) for last 3 (jul-sep) months: 19 msgs
   (previous 3 months: 37 msgs)
 * Commits for last 3 (jul-sep) months: 10
   (previous 3 months: 42)

 * Upgraded the build to the latest Bndtools version.
 * Apache ACE (and Apache Celix) featured in presentations at the
   Smart Systems Conference:
 * Apache ACE featured at ApacheCon Core Europe:
 * Provisioning the IoT at DevNation featured Apache ACE:
 * Upcoming presentations at JavaOne:
   CON2106 - Provisioning the IoT
   CON7034 - Microservices for the IoT
 * Some discussions about relay servers and Apache Celix integration.
Traffic on the mailing lists is still relatively slow. As a community
we should push for a new release and try to get some new committers
involved by actively engaging them.
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