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In the NuageVsp provider, based on the review comments, we don't have a separate Provider for VPC.

This means that it's impossible to determine if a network offering is for VPC or not, purely based on inspection of the services and providers.

To be able to support Network Offerings for VPC that are not using any service provided by a VPC specific provider like VpcVirtualRouter,

we would like to store this information as part of the offering.

As the response of createNetworkOffering already has a forvpc attribute we use the same attribute as part of the request,

and store the value in the database.


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Feature Specifications

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    • Adding forVpc attribute to NetworkOffering

  • upgrade

    • Extra field is added

    • Existing network offerings will get the value based on the Service Providers.

Use cases

As a cloud provider using SDN solutions in the datacenter
I want to define a network offering for VPC without VirtualRouter
In order to limit the number of resources used.

Architecture and Design description

  • Database:

    • Add column for_vpc  to network_offerings

    • Upgrade script will set the correct value based on the services and providers.

  • API

    • Add boolean forVpc field to createNetworkOfferingCmd,
      mapping the forvpc request parameter.

  • Services

    • Implement ConfigurationManager.isOfferingForVpc based on the new field.

    • Default value: false, unless the offering specifies a vpc specific service or provider. This will make sure that it is not required for existing scripts invoking the API, to include the new field.

    • All Network Offerings created by default specify the correct value

  • UI

    • send the correct value, based on the useVpc dropdown already present.