Status: solved with SLING-6264 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We have a lot of modules, especially in the contrib area which haven't been touched for years. Some are prototypes, some are outdated or not relevant anymore.

This site is a collection of modules to be proposed to be moved to the /attic folder of our codebase at

Moving to the attic does not imply any comment on the quality or usefulness of such modules. Modules that move to attic can also come back if needed, it's not necessarily forever.

Candidate modules from /contrib


ModuleLast UpdateWho's for moving to attic?Who's against moving to atticComments
contrib/auth/openid bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Oliver Lietz Does not build, see SLING-2760 - Getting issue details... STATUS
contrib/auth/xing bdelacretazOliver Lietz SLING-5122 - Getting issue details... STATUS SLING-5123 - Getting issue details... STATUS
contrib/auth/selector bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Oliver Lietz Does not build, see SLING-5780 - Getting issue details... STATUS
contrib/commons/html bdelacretazCarsten ZiegelerAs mentioned below by Dan, this is needed by the rewriter
contrib/explorers/gwt bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/extensions/apt bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/extensions/bgservlets bdelacretaz, Oliver Lietz, Carsten Ziegeler Last released in August 2016 but I don't envision and new developments
contrib/extensions/cache  bdelacretaz, Oliver LietzMaybe not used often but useful (bdelacretaz)
contrib/extensions/dojo bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/extensions/dojo-sling bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/extensions/ftpserver bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/extensions/gwt bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/extensions/jolokia bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/extensions/oak-s3 Carsten Ziegeler Carsten Ziegeler: as far as I know Oak has s3 connector
contrib/extensions/obr Carsten Ziegeler ??
contrib/jcr/compiler bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/jcr/jackrabbit-client bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/jcr/js bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler I think it's used indirectly by contrib/explorers/resourceeditor, via OBR. So we should either keep both or keep none
contrib/jcr/ocm bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/jcr/prefs bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/scripting/freemarker bdelacretazOliver Lietz Getting issues...
contrib/scripting/groovy  bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Oliver Lietz 
contrib/scripting/jsp-taglib-atom bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/scripting/jst bdelacretaz, Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/scripting/python bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/scripting/ruby bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/scripting/scala bdelacretaz, Carsten Ziegeler  
contrib/scripting/velocity Carsten Ziegeler Might have a few users?
contrib/sling-s3 Carsten Ziegeler  
samples/inplace-integration-test Robert Munteanu, Carsten Ziegeler Does not build, up-to-date samples found under testing/samples





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  1. commons/html is referenced by contrib/extensions/rewriter which does seem to be actively maintained. Probably should keep.

  2. For the scripting languages it might just mean that they work and not much is needed, e.g. groovy / freemarker / velocity. I think we shoul also take into account how well tested they are.