(Note: this page is not official policy.  For a related official resolution, see https://whimsy.apache.org/board/minutes/ASF_Director_and_Corporate_Officer_Code_of_Conduct.html )

As Directors of the Apache Software Foundation, we should ascribe to a higher standard when it comes to real or perceived conflict of interests.

An actual or "real" Conflict of Interest arises in a situation where financial or other personal or professional considerations compromise an individual’s objectivity, professional judgment, professional integrity, and/or ability to perform his or her responsibilities to the Foundation. "Perceived" or potential Conflicts of Interest exist in situations where an individual member of the Apache community, a member of the individual’s family, or a close personal relation has financial interests, personal relationships, or professional associations with an outside individual or organization, such that his or her activities within the Foundation could appear to be biased against the Foundation by that interest or relationship.

Best Practices for being a Director and dealing with COI / Ethics

The below are listed as best practices for reducing and minimizing conflict of interest (COI) and ethics issues as a Director. This is a living document and feedback/contributions are welcome in its current state. 

  1. Do not accept any gift including travel, services, or benefits of any kind from any person or entity that you are aware Apache does business with and that might appear, to an independent observer, to influence your professional judgment, decisions or actions made on behalf of Apache.
  2. Do not engage in any activity, paid or unpaid, that resulted in, or could appear to an independent observer to have resulted in, an actual or possible conflict of your commitment to Apache.
  3. If you or any immediate family (spouse, domestic partner or children) have any Significant Financial Interest (SFI) or have any material financial interest (MFI) in any entity that directly or indirectly sponsors your work or provides Apache with goods or services related to your Institutional Responsibilities you should declare that in:

    1. officers/irs-affiliations.txt
  4. If you served in any capacity (compensated or uncompensated) for any person or entity that, to the best of your knowledge, engages in transactions with Apache, you should declare it. Typically the last 12 months is a good rule of thumb as a timeline. Transactions with Apache include:

    1. A third party company in which you have an advisory, ownership, board membership, or other management interest

    2. Has made gifts to Apache that benefit you, or your work at Apache

    3. Has products or interests that could reasonably appear to be related to your work at Apache

    4. Licenses Institute intellectual property in which you have an interest as an inventor

    5. Sells goods or services to Apache that you use in your work

Timelines matter

Typically the timeline for accepting gifts, and the amount of gifts matter.