This idea was born out of Benjamin Young's Upgrading Our Apache talk (see slides) at ApacheCon NA 2016. The hope is to create an opportunity to get interested developers together to take practical action and/or begin contributing to these projects.

Monday, May 15th, 2017 @ ApacheCon NA 2017

Vision: improved tools all the places!

Mission: bring more activity and developers to projects that need them.


  • increase contribution to the many ASF "self-focused" projects (PonyMail, Phonebook, etc)
  • find areas where contributors want more tooling (wiki-access request, cross-project navigation "widget", etc)

Potential Projects:

  • Community Website
  • Phonebook
  • PonyMail
  • mod_mbox
  • ...and?
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  1. Many of those tools are owned by ComDev, so be sure to bring the conversation back there (as I see you've already done, of course!)


    The missing tool there is - it's run by the Whimsy PMC, but it supplies the board meeting tool, roster tool, and a variety of other random "info about processes and data" tools.  Many are restricted to either committers or members/officers since parts of whimsy have direct access to private ASF data.

    Betweeh Whimsy, projects, and phonebook, there are a lot of different ways with these PMC run sites to create interesting websites driven by data about Apache projects, people, and everything else.

    Be sure to add pointers from the main community.a.o website here, so people can find the wiki.