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  • CentOS 6 machines running on VM/Docker/Bare Metals, etc.
  • If using docker, don't run this on the docker host but on a CentOS 6 container


Copy and paste the following text into a file called, save the file, chmod it (e.g., chmod 0744, and run it (e.g., ./

Run on EVERY node in your cluster:

# Welcome
RED='\033[0;31m'; BLUE='\033[0;34m'; DEFAULTC='\033[0m'
printf "\nWelcome to the ${RED}Bigtop${DEFAULTC} installer\n\n"

# Check for CentOS 6
rel=$(cat /etc/redhat-release 2> /dev/null)
if [[ -n "$rel" && ${rel:15:1}==6 ]]; then
        printf "This OS is running ${BLUE}$rel${DEFAULTC} which is compatible with this helper script.\n\n"
        printf "This OS is ${RED}not compatible${DEFAULTC} with this Bigtop release. Please install CentOS 6.x\n\n"
        exit 1

# Get hostname
printf "Enter the hostname of the master node or press Enter to use ${RED}$(hostname -f)${DEFAULTC} : "
read mnode
mnode=${mnode:-$(hostname -f)}

# Install Dependencies
sudo yum -y install git

# Install Puppet
sudo rpm -ivh
sudo yum -y install puppet
sudo puppet module install puppetlabs-stdlib

# Install Bigtop Puppet
sudo git clone /bigtop-home
sudo sh -c "cd /bigtop-home; git checkout branch-1.2"
sudo cp -r /bigtop-home/bigtop-deploy/puppet/hieradata/ /etc/puppet/
sudo cp /bigtop-home/bigtop-deploy/puppet/hiera.yaml /etc/puppet/

# Configure
sudo su root -c "cat > /etc/puppet/hieradata/site.yaml << EOF
bigtop::hadoop_head_node: "$mnode"
- /data/1
- /data/2
- hdfs
- spark
bigtop::jdk_package_name: "java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel.x86_64"
bigtop::bigtop_repo_uri: ""

# Deploy
sudo puppet apply --parser future --modulepath=/bigtop-home/bigtop-deploy/puppet/modules:/etc/puppet/modules /bigtop-home/bigtop-deploy/puppet/manifests


Important settings

  • Customize to Hadoop+Spark+HBase Stack

    - hdfs
    - yarn
    - spark
    - hbase
  • Bigtop 1.2.0 CentOS 6 repo: 

    bigtop::bigtop_repo_uri: ""

    Check out available OS from Bigtop Installable binary artifacts

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