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In this article we'll discuss how to customize your MiNiFI C++ builds to accommodate your environment. Extensions within MiNiFI C++ allow you to specify, through CMAKE, options. We'll go through the current set and update this how to as extensions are added. An added feature for 0.4.0 is the bootstrap process, which can be used to bootstrap a machine using an interactive GUI. The bootstrap script is located in the root of the minifi source tree. Simply run ./ It will install dependencies and enable you to select your extensions. Please visit to obtain additional information. 

A Note about running

Disabling extensions allows us to minimize code and functionality within a binary. This may make it smaller or eliminate code that is not desired on a specific platform. Note that in doing so you change the profile of your executable. If your configuration identifies a component or processor that does not exist within your binary we will exit with a log statement indicating that it cannot be found. 

Enabling all extensions

You may enable all extensions that can run on your platform by using -DENABLE_ALL=true in your command line cmake. You may also select all options via the bootstrap process.