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New and Noteworthy

Welcome to the new Camel 1.4.0 release which includes 261 new features, improvements and bug fixes such as...

  • major improvements in JMS and Mail components
  • major improvements in Camel JMX management (enabled by default)
  • major improvements in Transactional Client. Bypassing Dead Letter Channel redelivery, letting the originator system handle this, resulting in the JMSMessage is rolled back to the JMS queue.
  • attachment support for Message
  • various improvements in CXF, File, FTP, Velocity, Stream, Atom and XMPP components
  • various improvements in the Java and Spring DSL
  • new transaction error handler, see Transactional Client
  • introduced ExceptionPolicyStrategy as strategy for exception clause selection during error handling (much improved default strategy in Camel)
  • intercept() default behavior changed (see section - important changes)
  • JMS headers now preserve packagename style headers so Bean and File headers is preserved, so you can safely send the filename or bean method to invoke over the JMS wire
  • introduced Debugger and Tracer interceptor to track how exchanges is routed
  • refinements to run in OSGi containers
  • some internal refactorings of package structure to avoid cycle dependencies
  • @deprecated some core classes, that will be removed in Camel 2.0
  • improved feedback for misconfiguration of camel routes such as mistypes of parameters
  • overall improved wiki documentation
  • improved javadoc for camel-core and camel-spring
  • dependencies is now on the finer grained jars if applicable (e.g. Spring)
  • WebSphere 6.1 support

New Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • None

New Components

  • Flatpack for processing fixed width or delimited files or messages using the FlatPack library (work in progress)
  • SpringIntegration for integration with Spring Integration


  • Scala (work in progress, not fully feature complete)

New Data Formats

  • None

New Languages

  • None

New Examples

Please see Release Notes for more details. Download it now while is hot!
The Camel riders

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