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  • Starting and stopping Geronimo via console
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Starting and stopping Geronimo via console

There are a few command line alternatives to start the server. From a command line window or terminal change directory to <geronimo_home>/bin and run startup or geronimo run or geronimo start command. Refer to the Startup and Geronimo from the Tools and commands section for all the options for these commands.

To stop the server you will have to open a new command line window or terminal, change directory to <geronimo_home>/bin and run the shutdown command. You will be prompted for username and password. Alternatively you can press Ctrl+C on the terminal that Geronimo is running to kill the process. Refer to the Shutdown and Geronimo from the Tools and commands section for the available options for these commands.

If the server is already running you have the option of using the Introducing Geronimo Administration Console to shutdown the server remotely. With the server up and running open a Web browser and point to the following URL to access the console:


Log in to the Geronimo Administration Console and click on Server > Shutdown on the Console Navigation menu on the left.

When you click on the Shutdown button in the Server Manager portlet, you will be prompted one more time to confirm the server shutdown. Click OK to confirm and shutdown the server. The connection from the Administration Console will be lost and you will need to restart the server from a terminal or command line window.

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