Apache CXF: An Open-Source Services Framework


Apache CXF is an open source services framework. CXF helps you build and develop services using frontend programming APIs, like JAX-WS and JAX-RS. These services can speak a variety of protocols such as SOAP, XML/HTTP, RESTful HTTP, or CORBA and work over a variety of transports such as HTTP, JMS or JBI.


*December 3, 2013 - Apache CXF 3.0.0-milestone1 released!

The Apache CXF team is proud to announce the availability of the first milestone release as we head toward Apache CXF 3.0.0. This release contains a bunch of new features, a lot of code cleanup, performance and security enhancements, and much more.

Downloads are available here.

*November 27, 2013 - Apache CXF 2.7.8/2.6.11 released!

The Apache CXF team is proud to announce the availability of the latest patch releases. Over 75 JIRA issues were fixed for 2.7.8 which many of those fixes back ported to 2.6.11.

This is mostly a patch release to fix problems and issues that users have encountered.

This release requires the Woodstox 4.2.0 StAX Parser to be available on the classpath.

Downloads are available here.

Jul 02, 2013 - Apache CXF Distributed OSGi (DOSGi) 1.5.0 released!

This release of DOSGi ccontains a lot of bug fixes. As the most visual change the single bundle distro has been removed as it required a lot of additional effort for testing and release management.

Downloads are available at theĀ  DOSGi Releases page.


CXF includes a broad feature set, but it is primarily focused on the following areas:

CXF implements the JAX-WS APIs. CXF JAX-WS support includes some extensions to the standard that make it significantly easier to use, compared to the reference implementation: It will automatically generate code for request and response bean classes, and does not require a WSDL for simple cases.

It also includes a "simple frontend" which allows creation of clients and endpoints without annotations. CXF supports both contract first development with WSDL and code first development starting from Java.

For REST, CXF also supports a JAX-RS frontend.

To get started using CXF, check out the downloads, the user's guide, or the mailing lists to get more information!



Support for Standards

JSR Support
WS-* and related Specifications Support

Multiple Transports, Protocol Bindings, Data Bindings, and Formats

Flexible Deployment

Support for Multiple Programming Languages


Getting Involved

Apache CXF is currently under heavy development. To get involved you can subscribe to the mailing lists. You can also grab the code from the Source Repository. You also need to read about Building CXF. For Eclipse users, you should read about Setting up Eclipse.