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Open metadata and governance is a moon-shot type of project to create a set of open APIs, types and interchange protocols to allow all metadata repositories to share and exchange metadata.  From this common base, it adds governance, discovery and access frameworks to automate the collection, management and use of metadata across an enterprise.  The result is an enterprise catalog of data resources that are transparently assessed, governed and used in order to deliver maximum value to the enterprise.

Delivering this capability as open source is a critical part of the project since multiple vendors must buy into this ecosystem.  They are not going to do this if one organization dominates the technology base.  Thus the open metadata and governance technology must be freely available with an open source governance model that allows a community of organizations and practitioners to develop and evolve the base and then use it in their offerings and deployments.

To this end, the open metadata standards and core implementation is being developed through the Egeria ODPi open source project (  This provides the APIs, adapters and interchange formats to allow metadata repositories to connect into the ecosystem.  Apache Atlas provides the open source reference implementation for a native open metadata repository.

To understand more about the aims of the Egeria project see: