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Frequently asked questions about contributing to Apache Beam.

About contributing

What should I do after the committer reviews my PR?

The reviewer should give the Looks Good to Me (LGMT) in the PR and then you (the author of the pull request) should rebase, squash, or split, the commits so that the history is useful.

How do I get started contributing to Apache Beam?


Whom should do I ask if I am stuck?

Either email or chat on Slack.

How can I opt-in to reviewing pull requests?

  1. Go to repo. 
  2. Find the deepest sub-directory that contains the files you want to be a reviewer for.
  3. Go to the OWNERS file.
  4. Add your Github username to the file.
    1. Create a new OWNERS file if necessary.

The Beam project currently uses the reviewers key in the OWNERS file and no other features, as reviewer selection is still manual.

About JIRA

Why can't I assign a Jira issue to myself?

Only ASF Jira contributors can be assigned issues. To get permission to do so, email the dev@ mailing list to ask to be a contributor in the Beam issue tracker.

Hi, my name is <your name>. I am interested in contributing <what> to the Apache Beam SDK. I'd like to be added as a Jira contributor so that I can assign issues to myself. My ASF Jira Username is <username>.

For more information, see Beam Jira Beginner's Guide or Jira Tips.

About Gradle

OutOfMemoryException during the Gradle build?

See Gradle Tips#OutOfMemoryExceptionduringtheGradlebuild.

About this wiki

Why can't I edit this wiki?

Create a wiki account and then email to ask for edit access, referencing your account user ID.

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