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Frequently asked questions about contributing to Apache Beam.

How do I get started contributing to Apache Beam?


Who do I ask if I am stuck?

Either email or chat on Slack.

Why can't I assign a jira issue to myself?

Only ASF Jira contributors can be assigned issues. To get the permission to do so, email the dev@ mailing list to ask to be a contributor in the Beam issue tracker.

For example:
Hi, my name is <your name>. I am interested in contributing <what> to the Apache Beam SDK. I'd like to be added as a Jira contributor so that I can assign issues to myself. My ASF Jira Username is <username>.

OutOfMemoryException during the Gradle build?

See Gradle Tips#OutOfMemoryExceptionduringtheGradlebuild.

How can I opt-in to reviewing pull requests?

Find the deepest sub-directory that contains the files you want to be a reviewer for and add your Github username under reviewers in the OWNERS file (create a new OWNERS file if necessary).

The Beam project currently only uses the reviewers key in OWNERS and no other features, as reviewer selection is still a manual process.

Why can't I edit this wiki?

Create a wiki account and then email to ask for edit access, referencing your account user ID.

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