Beam's Jira Public Dashboards intend to bring visibility into reported bugs, feature requests, development opportunities, and effort distribution. Having visibility of these items can help us make informed decisions to guide things like:

  • Roadmap updates.
  • Surface known issues to users.
  • Easier contributions to get started.

Here's the list and description of the Dashboards:

Beam Backlog

The Beam Backlog dashboard aims to:

  • Help make decisions on the project roadmap.
  • Pull tickets opened in the last 26w (6m).
  • Orders tickets by votes.

The URL is: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12335849

The view offers:

  • On the left pane:
    • Pie Chart: Components.  A pie chart of the distribution of tickets, excluding Java and Python core.
    • Heat Map: Components. A label heat map to help identify the biggest opportunities, excluding Java and Python core.
    • Flink issues and Spark issues. Two filter windows to pull tickets related to Spark and Flink runners.

      Python and Java core components are excluded because they dwarf other components, so exclusion helps provide a better view of other components' distribution.

  • On the main panel:
    • A summary of the tickets by component and issue type to identify critical issues per component.
    • A filter publishing all issues.
    • A view of ticket statistics by status and issue type to help us understand the effort and opportunity dist.

Need Triage and Stale

The Need Triage and Stale dashboard aims to:

  • Help organize newly opened tickets and keep tickets fresh.
  • Show the issues that need triage or have been marked as stale
  • Show tickets created in the last 12w (3m). 

URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12335923

The view offers:

  • On the left panel:
    • Filter Results: [Beam] Need Triage and Stale (12w). A list of all tickets that need triage or are stale
  • On the right panel:
    • A heat map of components.
    • A pie chart of the issue type.
    • A view of all labels to help with triage.

Starter Tasks

The Starter Tasks dashboard aims to:

  • Help potential contributors identify opportunities to make their first contribution.
  • Pull all tickets marked with labels used for starter tickets, for all time.
  • Order the tickets by votes, priority, date created, and reporter.

URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12335926

The view offers:

  • On the side panel:
    • A pie chart of the distribution of tickets by component.
    • A component heat map.
  • On the main panel:
    • A view of all starter tickets by component and issue type to help make decisions on urgency/importance.
    • A view by reporter, to identify who to reach out to with clarifying questions.
    • The complete list of all available starter issues.