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  1. What's new in upcoming Bigtop 0.2.0
    1. Hadoop
    2. Mahout 0.5
    3. Puppet deployment
    4. Extra OSes
    5. Convenience repos you can install from
  1. Bigtop as a repository for Hadoop stack deployment code
    1. Puppet is there and it works, but...
    2. What else is out there?
      1. Chef
  1. Challenges of Building/Packaging
    1. BOM at the level of Maven/Ivy
  1. Bigtop system/integration testing
    1. Package testing
    2. How Bigtop help upstream components find issues sooner
      1. Hadoop
      2. HBase
      3. Much more very, very soon
    3. How to increase the # of integration system/tests
  1. Bigtop .next
    1. What components do we want to see?
      1. HCatalog
    3. What platforms do we care about?
      1. Latest Fedora, Latest OpenSUSE
      2. CentOS 5, CentOS 6, SLES11,
  1. Apache infrastructure and what Bigtop needs from it
    1. System-level packages/software needs to be installed
    2. On-demand servers bring-up/tear-down
  1. Upstream feedback
    1. Put your topic here
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