1. Status for release and 4.6.0
  2. new BP process based on the website, without Wiki (Sijie)
    - new client API, still unstable, needed for DL ? defer 4.6 release?
    - discussion about seal/clos... (Sijie/Ivan)
    - Salesforce findings on allocations (JV?)
    - Checkstyle status (Sijie?
  3. There are quite a few Issues now, Is it worth to do an Issue triage? Maybe we can discuss and come up a triage process


Charan, Enrico, Ivan, Jia, JV, Sam, Sijie, Yiming


  1. Status of 4.6.0

    1. Sijie: 2 issues left. need a review from Charan on the checkpoint fix. expect to have first release candidate of 4.6.0 cut end of this week.
  2. New BP workflow
    1. JV: it should be good to use google doc
    2. Enrico: for simple proposals, github workflow is easy.
    3. Sijie: we should allow both google doc and markdown. once BP is finalized, the content should be copied and finalized at site. The content can be reused or referenced for documentation.
  3. New Client API
    1. Sijie: in the past 2 weeks, I have spent time to go through new API to ensure it covers most of the semantics of existing API. most of the important pieces are in the new API. so it won't be blocking 4.6.0 any more.
    2. JV will take look at the get ledger metadata api
  4. Discussion about seal and close
    1. JV and Sam will take a look at the proposal and comment on the PR.
  5. JVM allocations
    1. JV: Andrey is working on improving different areas.
    2. Sijie: there is object pooling around the crc32 digest manager. Andrey and JV should check it out.
    3. Sijie: regarding crc32c, pulsar has a crc module. consider moving it to bookkeeper, since it is bytebuf friendly and productionized.
  6. Multiple Entry log files
    1. Sijie: how does the performance looks like?
    2. Charan: there is some conflicts with current oss changes around entry logger and checkpoint. He will work on providing a change based on current oss and re-evalute the performance
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