1. Status of 4.6.1 release
  2. Status of Yahoo, salesforce merge
  3. PRs in question. What is the decision?
    1. Issue 578: Cron based scheduling
    2. Licenses/Notics:
  4. BPs inprogress:
    1. What is the status of BP-14?
  5. BPs under discussion:
    1. BP-24: Bookie Scanner to enhance data integrity
  6. BPs in draft:
    1. BP-23: Ledger Balancer


Attendees: Sam, JV, Jia, Ivan, Charan

  • We did not talk about 4.6.1 merge as Enrico was not on.
  • Ivan: Yahoo merge is coming along, blocked on compatibility testing.
  • There was a discussion about the patch (Pull Request 898) which prioritizes recovery reads over regular reads. JV is going to review that.
  • Sam: Salesforce merges are coming along fine. Nothing massive changes but a lot of patches.
  • Issue 578: Cron based scheduling
    • There was a discussion if the compaction can be triggered externally. But it adds operational complexity.
    • Agreed to go with containing the logic to Bookie, but it can be lot simplified, and no need to have the entire Cron parse functionality. Very basic implementation is good enough and not to add a lot of complexity/code.
  • Ivan talked about Licensing/Notice changes. It is a huge patch, but a boilerplate patch. if anyone wanted to review.  The patch adds a script to check future releases.
  • BP-14: Relaxed Durability - We did not discuss much as Enrico is not on.
  • BP-24: Google Doc is out with the same content. Team to review it.
  • BP-23: Not much discussed as Sigie was not on.
  • JV talked about running out of direct memory (directBuffers) in the netty code on the client side. Ivan gave a pointer for leak detection, but apparently, none is seeing this in the community. Salesforce is able to reproduce this consistently under heavy load.
  • Ivan: Trying to add backward compatibility tests to the Arquillian framework. Ivan is not very happy with the framework. He would rather use docker/k8 containers directly. We need to have more discussion on the test framework.

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