1. Status Updates
    1. 4.8
    2. 4.7.1 (Sijie)
  2. Topics to discuss:
    1. BP-33 Move releasing official docker images out of main repo (Sijie)
    2. BP-14 status,  ExplicitLAC integration (Enrico)
    3. Running on JDK10 vs Building and testing on JDK10 (Enrico)
  3. BPs
  4. PRs



Enrico, Sam, Edward Ribeiro


  • Enrico talked about his projects using BookKeeper (HerdDB, Majordodo)
  • Enrico pointed out that ExplicitLAC is not very well integrated with usual BookKeeper pratices, the reader must explicitly choose to read the ExplicitLAC, there is no good integration with long pool and we need to think about integration with BP14


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