1. Status Updates
    1. 4.8 (Enrico)
  2. Topics to discuss:
    1. Drop JDK9 CI Jobs in favour of JDK10
    2. Status of current CI jobs, a lot of flakes, Sijie is working hard on this problem
    3. Make explicit LAC Persistent from  JV and Charan
  3. BPs
  4. PRs



JV, Sam, Sijie, Enrico


  • JV  ExplicitLAC is to be persisted, it happens during rolling restartes to lose that information and readers stall
  • JV: should ExplicitLAC write failure trigger an ensemble change  or be treated as a delayed write failure ?
  • Enrico: we should consolidate reader side APIs for ExplicitLAC and PiggyBacked LAC
  • JV: QoS in BookKeeper ?
    • Latency sensitive vs Thoughtput sensitive applications
    • Close to open consistency
    • Backup, different priorities, different storage types
  • Sijie: maybe the priority flag maybe be useful
  • Enrico: PTAble ? Sijie is busy at the moment, as soon as Pulsar will be released Sijie will start writing docs and examples
  • Sijie: bookie id is difficult to manage, expecially on Kubernetes
    • You cannot safely expose bookies outside Kubernetes network


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