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Apache Bookkeeper uses the Apache CMS system to generate our website and documentation.

To get CMS and the bookkeeper source, run the following:

Generate the documentation with:

You can view the generates site by running the python SimpleHTTPServer and navigating to http://localhost:8000/.

Making modifications

Modifications to the site doesn't require a JIRA, though if it is a large modification you should create one. When you make a modification to the bookkeeper site and submit it through subversion, they will be automatically built.

The cms system will put the modifications in staging;

You'll need the CMS bookmarklet to publish the site. See the CMS documentation for details.

Generating documentation for release

When making a release, you need to generate the version's documentation and then copy it into bookkeeper-site/content/docs. To do this:

  1. Check out the git release tag for the release.

  2. Copy the documentation directory to bookkeeper-site/content/docs.

    Add to subversion.

  3. Generate the javadoc for the release and copy it to the site.

  4. Add the new release docs directory to subversion.
  5. Modify bookkeeper-site/content/docs/r4.3.0/index.textile to point to the javadoc and release notes. See bookkeeper-site/content/docs/r4.0.0/index.textile for an example of how to do this.
  6. Modify bookkeeper-site/templates/skeleton.html and and a link for the release documentation.

  7. Add the release to bookkeeper-site/content/releases.textile.
  8. Go through the staging/publish sequence from above. Obviously the version numbers will change for each release.
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