This is a collaborative space for sharing information about Apache Buildr


Buildr HowTos - Several examples showing the usage of Buildr
Buildr in the Wild - A non-exhaustive list of open-source projects using Buildr
Buildr Plugins - Plugins developed and maintained by the community at large
Tested Environments - Find out which environments Buildr is known to work on
Common Problems and Solutions - Offers solutions to common problems installing Buildr, etc.
Development Guidelines - Guidelines and recommendations for those working on the code.
Board Resolution - For Buildr graduation from the Apache Incubator
Board Reports - Apache Board Reports

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  1. Hi there,
    I am new to Buildr and already thinking "wow". There are still somethings that are somewhat tricky compared to Maven. For example, I can't find any easy way of excluding dependecies from (say) WAR-files when packaging. In Maven, you just say (for example) <scope>provided</scope>.It would be very nice if there was some How-tos on common things in Maven.

    So, how do we set <scope>provided</scope> in Buildr? Thanks