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CLOUDSTACK-8339 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Allow admins to provide non-root credentials to add hypervisor.  This prevents cloudstack from having and showing root credentials for the hypervisor, and keeps admins from having to enable root ssh.

Architecture and Design description

Hypervisor needs a sudo entry for user like:

cloudstack ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/cloudstack-setup-agent
defaults:cloudstack !requiretty

See discussion here.

CloudStack agent install adds an /etc/profile.d file that allows lsmod to be seen in the path, as the management server checks for the kvm modules. This requires that the user have a default .bashrc which sources /etc/bashrc, otherwise the user will not be able to find lsmod with it's non-login "lsmod | grep kvm" remote command. Alternatively, the admin can make their own accommodations for the user ssh command to find lsmod.