This guide intends to provide a single point of reference for all the configuration parameters in Apache CloudStack. In this guide, the parameters will be categorized based on their function. Each parameter will be treated as a topic in this guide.

We need to document the following information for each parameter:

  • Name and description of the parameter.
  • List of features that the users can configure using the parameter.
  • Changes in the behavior of the parameter when users provide low, optimal, and high values to the parameters.
  • Warnings, notes, and limitations for the parameter.
  • Example for the parameter - Explaining the parameter with the help of scenarios.
  • Impact of the configuration parameter on APIs.
  • Scope of the parameter - global, zone-level, or cluster-level.
  • Dependency with other configuration parameters.
  • Category to which the parameter belongs.

Note: If you do not find a particular information that you think would add value to this guide here, please add it to this list.

Apache CloudStack configuration parameters are categorized based on their function at Configuration Parameters in Apache CloudStack - Categorization

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