VBT : Generated vbox template from jenkins builds

OVT: Older Vmware System VM template

VBN: VBT name like systemvmtemplate64-2014-10-31-master-vmware

TN: Newer System VM template name

TNO : Newer System VM template ovf file

OVTN: Older Vmware System VM template name


  1. Change both template extension from ova to tar so that it can be extracted.
  2. Extract both templates to some location. Extracted content will contain the vmdk and ovf file.
  3. Rename vmdk file to TN
  4. Compare the content of both ovf files and make content of VBT ovf similar to OVT ovf.
    1. Create the TNO with name TN.
    2. copy the content of OVT ovf to TNO.
    3. Modify the name in TNO to TN. For this search in TNO for VBN and replace that with TN.
    4. Replace capacity entry in <DiskSection> of TNO with one from VBT ovf file.
      1. capacity entry will look something like
        <Disk ovf:capacity="2500" ovf:capacityAllocationUnits="byte * 2^20" ovf:diskId="vmdisk1" ovf:fileRef="file1" ovf:format="" ovf:populatedSize="971964416" />
    5. Change vmdk file name to TN. This can be found in <References> section.
      1. vmdk name entry will lo0ok something like
        <File ovf:href="systemvm64template-2014-12-18-4.3-vmware-disk1.vmdk" ovf:id="file1" ovf:size="348661760" />
    6. If there is any other size entry (other than capacity) remove that attribute.
  5. Verify content of TNO created from previous step
    1. Verify that name is same at all places i.e. TN at all places. It will be present mainly at 3 lines similar like
      1. <VirtualSystem ovf:id="systemvm64template-2014-12-18-4.3-vmware">
      2. <Name>systemvm64template-2014-12-18-4.3-vmware</Name>
      3. <vssd:VirtualSystemIdentifier>systemvm64template-2014-12-18-4.3-vmware</vssd:VirtualSystemIdentifier>
    2. Make sure that there are no vbox entries. If there are just remove those elements/attribute.
    3. Make sure that there is size entry only in <DiskSection> and not at other places.
    4. Make sure <OperatingSystemSection> is same as OVT ovf file.
  6. Copy both TNO and rename vmdk to same folder/directory
  7. Deploy the generated template on Vmware using TNO.
  8. Modify the udev rules in VM deployed in previous step
    1. Remove the vbox entries from  /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules
    2. Change the name of other devices to without any subscript i.e. normally it will be cdrom2 etc just remove 2 from them.
  9. Halt the VM and then export it as ova template.

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