The quick version: File a bug at with the "Component" field set to Doc. Please check for duplicates first.

The longer version, with our hints for filing the most informative and easy-to-fix bug possible:

  1. Head to
  2. Click Log In. This puts you on a screen where you can either log in or, if you don't have an account yet, click Sign Up.
  3. See whether your bug has already been filed.
    (a) Click Issues - Search for Issues.
    (b) In Project, choose CloudStack.
    (c) Click More Criteria, and choose Component. In Component, choose Doc. 
    (d) Now fill in some likely values in the Contains Text field and click the search icon (magnifying glass) to see whether your bug has already been filed. If so, you're done! Otherwise, go on to the next step...
  4. Click Create Issue. In the popup, make sure the Project is CloudStack.
  5. In Component, choose Doc. << This is the most important part.
  6. There are lots of other fields you could fill in, but we only need to talk about Summary and Description. 
  • In the Summary, please be specific. Example of uninformative summary: "Error in install guide." Example of excellent, if unlikely, summary: "Install guide incorrectly says user must remove hat before running cloud-setup-agent." 
  • In the Description, refer to the section heading, not just the page number or section number ("Setting Up the Agent," not "3.2.1"). Those numbers change frequently.
  • Provide as much information as possible, including not just the problem but the solution, if you know it. For example, instead of "ls won't work for file size" it would be more helpful to say "to get the file size and other details, you have to use ls -l."

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