Student Projects Introduction

This page describes several potential Student projects that could be undertaken to learn about Cloud Computing, engage with the CloudStack community and learn Open Source software development practices. While this is a page meant for Students, anyone is welcome to participate, enter new projects, take them on and mentor. This is specific to the Google Summer of Code program, however any students not sponsored by GSoC could take on a project on its own time.

List of potential projects

Add mentor is welcome to enter/describe a projects here. Enter an issue in JIRA and enter a link to it on this page. Listing a project on this page should be seen as a commitment to mentor potential students that show interest.

Google Summer of Code

Apache Cloudstack participate in Google Summer of Code. Google Summer of Code is organized by Google. Below is a list of the projects undertook by students to date.

Google Summer of Code 2017

Project list - Google Summer of Code 2017

Google Summer of Code 2014

Improve GCE and EC2 python bridges to CloudStack

(Student: Darren Brogan Mentor: Sebastien Goasguen)

Create config management recipes to install CloudStack

(Student: Ian Duffy Mentor: Sebastien Goasguen)

Create GUI to add primary storage based on plugins

(Student: Seif Eddine Jemli Mentor: Mike Tutkowski)

Google Summer of Code 2013

Create a bootstrap based GUI for CloudStack

(Student: Shiva Teja Mentor: Kelcey Damage Backup mentor: Sebastien Goasguen )

Add Xen/XCP support for GRE SDN controller

(Student: Nguyen Anh Tu Mentor: Hugo Trippaers Backup mentor: Sebastien Goasguen)

Integration project to deploy and use Mesos on a CloudStack based cloud

(Student: Dharmesh Kakadia Mentor: Sebastien Goasguen Backup mentor: Hugo Trippaers)

Improve CloudStack support in apache whirr and incubator-provisionr to create hadoop clusters

(Student: Meng Han Mentor: Sebastien Goasguen Backup mentor: Kelcey Damage )

LDAP user provisioning in cloudstack

(Student: Ian Duffy Mentor: Abhi Prateek)

Project that did not receive a proposal:

Steps for GSoC students

  • Register on the CloudStack mailing list by sending an email to
  • Any emails you send to the list while inquiring/working on GSoC should have the label GSoC at the beginning of the subject line
  • Discuss your interest in a project
  • Submit your application via the GSoC website, read the Apache instructions

Once you are selected:

Community Bonding Period

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