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High level requirement

The quick view will replace the action column in the table widget and will open on hover. This quick view will reveal content from the next panel of the detail view as well as all the corresponding actions per line item.


The quick view will have corresponding actions based on the context of the line item of the page i.e. all vm actions from the details page will be available on the quick view of the instances page. Additional navigation items will be added so that the user will not have to click often to reach certain areas of CloudStack.

The quick view only renders the first tab, and the first 4 data fields from that tab. So, if a data field needs to be displayed, then it needs to be rendered at the top of the list. It also avoids rendering the 'edit' action for now, as not all the fields are displayable for editing, limiting its purpose.

The quick view will trigger automatically for any list view with a 'detailView' sub-option, and will append a new column to the end of each item row. If 'noCompact: true' is specified in the detailView's options, then the quick view will not be rendered.

This also adds a new option to the detail view, called 'compact: true'

which when specified will only return the data required for the quick view, without extra tabs. This is passed automatically in the list view widget.

Test Case:

  • Confirm that the actions represented in the quick view pertain to the appropriate sections as each quick view is context sensitive
  • Confirm that the actions work when clicked
  • Confirm that additional navigation items within the quick view will take the user to the correct location