Where to find the CloudStack code

The master source code repository code is hosted at:


There is a faster read-only mirror at



There is a github read-only mirror on github at


We are using a variant of git-flow to manage branches. See our page on Git for more information.

How to build the cloudstack code

Refer to this page for details on how to set up a build environment for cloudstack on Windows -

Setting up Cloudstack dev environment on Windows

The cloudstack git branch has an INSTALL.txt file that provides instructions on setting up a build environment for Linux, taking FC 14 as an example. However, details of the setup may vary between Linux distributions, hence please refer to the specific Linux distribution's installation/product support notes when setting up a build environment for cloudstack.

In this section, we will attempt to list cloudstack's various components, and map them to specific entry points in the Cloudstack code base. In general, viewing the code flow as occurring between a client, a mid tier, and a backend makes it easier for us to look at the code.

Refer to the Cloudstack UI page for details on Cloudstack's user interface.

Refer to the Cloudstack API page for details on Cloudstack's API layer.

Refer to the Cloustack Database page for details on Cloudstack's database layer.

Refer to the Cloudstack Error Codes and Exception handling page for details on Cloudstack's exception processing.

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