My name is Stephan, and I am from Bavaria, Germany.

I am a webdeveloper at a big automotive company in Bavaria (probably the biggest (wink)).

Most of my webprojects are based upon oracle plsql, cause this is the required/preferred architecture for dynamic webapplications of my company. In future the required platform will be java/jsp, so I am looking forward to learn how to use this architecture. Some projects I have to adopt still using this architecture and also using frameworks. (this is the time where I contact cocoon).

So I think some tutorials and how-tos could be very useful for me! (wink)

Further there are some private webprojects, too.

First there is a self made online shop system using php/mysql to generate static html websites with a integrated shopping cart. The users of my shop-system can login into the eCom-Portal to change their shop-settings, add new articles, change prices, create newsletters, and so on. I am very pround of this project, because I did it only in my personal freetime and works very fine.

The other project I want to tell you is a very humorous website produced by me an my friends only for fun. We call it team2hoernchen project. Please feel free to visit this pages and sign our guestbook!


Stephan alias Akku

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