about me:

Started using a computer when I was 16, mainly playing doom. A computer functioned to me just like the Pythagorean Theorem functioned to most of the girls in my math class. I didn't have a clue. Luckily I had a friend with experience in windows 3.11, but we never got any further than bash scripting and waiting. Waiting untill the 25th floppy of SpaceQuest X was finally ready unzipping..

My first real understanding and programming in java came during my computer science study, which I'm hopefully ending next year.

me & cocoon:

When my collegue Unico got interested in Cocoon2 we had to build a website with it. There was already some experience with xml in ASP, but using a pipeline never came to my mind. I was do-whiling dom nodes in order to get a <table/> filled...

The site eventually hello'd but it was slow.. "Man, I could have build this site so much easier in ASP, with a high performance."

And then came the light, Cocoon2.1, no more restarting after editing the sitemap and performance. Since that day all our ASP books (those big red wrox ones) vanished from the bookshelfs and started a new life as 19" monitor supports! (big grin)

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