This may be a bit far fetched.

In working I'm generally dreaming and waiting for the "next new thing" that's being developed in the CVS version or talked about on the mailing list. I have moved from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 and I plan to move to 2.1 as soon as feasible.

One of my concerns is the time involved in each upgrade. In many ways I'm basically starting over. Granted my stylesheets, content files, and most of my pipeline stuff doesn't change. I do, however, have to compile a new Cocoon servlet, copy in my files, remove all the examples, documentation, and other Cocoon specific files before I can really begin testing my app.

My proposal would be to provide a few things to the Cocoon community:

  1. a basic "bare bones" Cocoon servelt (i.e., just the libs and a sitemap.xmap with an empty pipelines section)
  2. a "diffs" page on the wiki that describes the major differences between the versions
  3. possibly some shell scripts to facilitate the process for newbies

As I said before, this may be far fetched, but after all this is a Random Thought. 8o)

Thanks for listening,


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