I'm a comitter for Lenya. I'm working on enhancing the blog publication that ships with Lenya. I've also been recently added as a Committer to the project. I'll be working mainly with the blog publication, but will lend a hand where needed.

My ideas for enhancements/changes for a 1.4 blog publication (These are subject to discussion and change)

  • "Entry editing and display"
    • Update 'updated' time when saving blog revisions
    • Update 'issued' time when we publish a blog entry
    • Display 'updated' time, if applicable
    • Ability to delete entries (delete from authoring and live)
    • Entries currently have a hard-coded website (URL) within them (no good of you're going to change the site's address)
  • "Archiving"
    • Archive entries to an archive branch?
    • Display entries for x days?
    • Display x entries?
      • Set up a paging system?
  • "Feeds"
    • Create RSS 2.0 Compatible Feed
  • "Comments"
    *Create comments for blogs that are created so that anyone can comment on an entry made.
  • "Admin"
    • Site tab within authoring area?
    • Implement blog search similar search within the default pub.
  • "Misc."
    *Removing as many hard-coded references to the blog site as possible. For example, I'd take out 'Lenya's Weblog', and replace it within an XML parameters file within the publication. You could then edit this file with BXE (or the forms editor for other IE users). The user could then install the war file on their site, and then change the parameters of the website to suit their needs (That's what I'd want anyway).
    • From IRC -
      • <bkdelong> I'd love to see Lenya allow each user to have a FOAF file and then create a "About Me" or profile page from that FOAF. Would be pretty darn cool... (FOAF=friend of a friend).

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