Example Apps are "show you how" full featured apps that walk you through their implementation. The idea is not only to tell you how, but show you. (and vice versa)


BringMeThis.com agreed to have their site re-engineered from a perl script into a Cocoon site and share the source and such with the Cocoon community. Its not quite finished yet, but Andrew C. Oliver thought I better get a move on the documentation as well. The example will be done in a few days so stay tuned.



My son (a German boy) has to learn the words of the English and Latin language, and he really does not like it. So, I began to work on a Cocoon Application which knows Languages, Lessons and Words and is able to show words in the foreign language and prompt for the German word or the other way round. I see some problems rising on the horizon, because if he starts to learn Greek I have to mix German and Greek characters on one page. The application uses the sql database of the Cocoon samples and the students first have to add the items, and then they can test their knowledge.

Here you can find the application.

At the moment everything is in German (but perhaps someone wants to do the i18n (wink) ChristophOberle


CssColumnSite is a simple site separated in a header, mid three column, and a footer section built using Cocoon.

Following requirements triggered the design:

  • Use Cocoon
  • Use HTML layout


  • Try to avoid using HTML tables for layouting
  • Generate static HTML for uploading to a WebServer
  • Don't use book.xml style sitemap solution
  • Aggregate a page from xml files for each section, ie header, col1, col2, col3, and footer.
  • Use a default xml file for each section


xReporter is an Avalon/Cocoon-, XML/XSLT-based database reporting framework.


Apache Forrest provides a good example of a real-world Cocoon application. Once you have Forrest installed, you can create a 'template' site by typing forrest seed. This is great for creating quick 'sandboxes' in which to try out a new idea. Type forrest seed run, then view http://localhost:8888/

Forrest uses a fairly recent version of Cocoon 2.1 from CVS. See the Getting Started guide for more info.

Lenya CMS

Lenya is the new name for the Content Management System formely known as Wyona which started under the name XPS (Extensible Publishing System). Lenya CMS is Open Source, based on Cocoon2 and joined Apache as an incubator project. Amongst the users of Lenya CMS (or its percedents) you will find the most prestigious swiss based newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung , the university of Zurich or the weekly IT journal Computerworld.



This site demonstrates using Cocoon as Webmail Engine. As it is a demo site you can use Cocoon Webmail for accessing mails via IMAP protocol.

Moreover some documentation about:

  • installing,
  • configuring,
  • customizing, and
  • technical background

about Cocoon Webmail is available, too.

Customizable Cocoon Internet Shop

I made a Customizable Cocoon Internet Shop. If you are looking for examples of how to make small cocoon webs, try this. If you like it drop me a word: iyyappan_n_i@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Here you can find the application.

Customizable, extensible Cocoon Directory: If you like it , write to me at iyyappan_n_i@hotmail.com Here you can find the application.



The idea

  • a project that can easy build small to medium web sites using apache cocoon.
  • the project must be template-based and able to be reused leaving the sitemap.xmap untouched.
  • sitemap.xmap must be a "black box" that implements as many cocoon capabilities as possible.



  • Agility Issues and Bug Tracking Software from AgileEdge uses cocoon and pdf and xls generation. Click on the free demo then you can see the pdfs and the excel files that get generated. You can also see the results by clicking on the Excel Report Screenshot. Cocoon helped lots.

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