• My name is Frédéric Glorieux (if your keyboard like accentued letters). I'm a full time cocoon user from version 1 on different projects, with AJLSM (sorry, more french than english). The one I'm working for now is called "xfolio" (more links to come). I discovered different tips and tricks working on that, so that I feel happy to send back to discussion.* ----
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I'm using this wiki instead of mailing lists, because it's quite impossible to follow cocoon posts, especially when you need sometimes to work with webmail. You want a real life anecdot ? Imagine you need to travel for work in some low bandwidth country, and in an Internet Café, you have to browse thousands of spams and cocoon posts to find the mail where your guest says By the way, I change my cellular phone number...

In fact, wiki could be a not so bad way to talk about precise topics. A mail thread is more reactive, OK. But who have already tried to answer to a mail old of some months ? It seems logic to follow a good title, but usually threads died in a few days. Wiki page, not.



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