We need your ideas! What would YOU like to see at this year's Cocoon GetTogether???

This year's Cocoon conference will be held again in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from Monday, October 2nd, until Wednesday, October 4th. Faster and funkier than ever!

Please add your thoughts:

  • Success stories (why someone chose Cocoon, for what, what was great and what not?)
  • Comparison of Cocoon with other web frameworks
  • Why should I upgrade to 2.2?
  • Some howto's / best practices for
    • Configuration
    • Using Spring
    • Building Cocoon
  • 10 Reasons to use Cocoon
  • A "What's new in 2.2 and how to use it track" with different topics, 5 to 10 min per topic.
  • What's up for Cocoon 3.0?
  • The Funky Cocoon AJAX tour (with lots of samples!)
  • A short (!!) introduction to OSGi (what's all that fuzz about?!)
  • Practical case studies, where people show how they are using Cocoon, the high-level architecture of their apps, what they're integrating Cocoon with, what makes their app unique, etc. We could to 20+10 (20 minutes prez, 10 minutes questions) slots for this, and have at least 4 or 6 of them during the day.
  • Introduction to Maven 2
  • Introduction to Spring 2
  • FOP 0.9.2 (or FOP 1.0 if it's released by then)
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