Hi, I'm Jean-Christophe Kermagoret.

I'm living in Nantes, France. Married, 35 old, 2 children.

I'd like to have functional components, written in different languages, I could plug with each other to get a ready to use web framework. I feel a REST-like world is the way to go, and this is why I like Cocoon and XML.

I'm working on Cocoon for 2 years now. I'm gradually discovering the benefits of sharing knowledge and wrote a few wikis :

Currently, I'm working on E-Crud design pattern (a kind of) and portals.

My company, named BlueXML, provides xml-based services and develops an E-CRUD system in portal environment (ASL based), from which we want to start cms, intranet, crm, ... projects (all ASL based I hope).

I'm interested a lot in Daisy, Lenya and Hippo to understand clearly where they go, what can be reused, what has to be written to provide a real added value.

Come in http://www.bluexml.org for open source or http://www.bluexml.com for business.

You may mail me at jck <at> bluexml.org

Hope to see you wherever you want (smile)

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