Jakob Dalsgaard, jakob@dalsgaard.net

M. Sc., Applied Mathematics

Copenhagen based Software Developer/Architect. Been playing with Cocoon for fun since the 1.x days, but hadn't had the possibility to use Cocoon for real production purposes since April 2002. At Nepart A/S, a company developing software for raising the security awareness within companies, I've been constructing the SecureAware product built around the JBoss application server with a Cocoon frontend - all packed and distributed in a ZeroG InstallAnywhere installer. The product is currently running in a Sun JDK 1.4.1, but we aim at "downgrading" to JDK 1.3 to be able to run in IBM WebSphere 5.

My contributions to the Cocoon project are very meager; a small patch to the Pizza Compiler to make it use the context classloader - this patch is deprecated by Christopher Oliver who gave us JavaCAPI to work with. Then I've ported the XMLForm code from Cocoon 2.1 to Cocoon 2.0.4 - if you can't innovate then immitate (wink)

My spare time I spend with my wonderful girlfriend and my son who is now 6 months old (asger-i-vuggen.jpeg) - unfortunately I've found no way to add inline images to these Wiki pages.


  • 1999-2002, Caput

A now closed Web House / IT consultant company. Their major product was the Caput Community System, a J2EE product heavily based on BEA Weblogic and Oracle 8i or newer - later ported to the Oracle Application server.

  • 2002-2003, Neupart

Founded by Lars Neupart - a company dedicated to raising security awareness through e-learning, online survey and extensive security policy tools.

  • 2003- , CyberCom Consulting Group

Well, just started - do know much yet - but a whole lotta java...

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