Hi everyone, I'm a web developer, from the UK, living outside of London, in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, away from all the stress and crowds!

I suppose that I came to find myself here by a convoluted route. Originaly I trained to become an Landscape Architect of all things, but then I discovered thechnology and the web, or did it discover me, well that part is blured at least. Then stints in London, designing intranets for various corporate clients, when the bubble was inflated (wink)

I've always believed that there is more or less a right and a wrong way of doing things, XML I believe is the right way, Cocoon is the right way. It makes sense doesn't it? But it's such a vast field, so much to learn! We have so much to learn together.

Open source community and Cocoon, another one of those right things.

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