my name is Jörg Heinicke and I was born in 1979. At the moment I study at Leipzig university in Germany a mixture of computer and business science. The dictionaries call it "computer science in economics", "business informatics" or "information management".

I started using Cocoon with version 2.0 alpha at a company called Virbus AG - it's already a long time ago. It was my first real programming experience after some years of Basic and Turbo Pascal in school. I had to start with XSLT, I overcame it and now I help other people on Mulberry Tech XSL list (temporarily inactive) or on Cocoon users mailing list.

We used Cocoon for different projects. Some internal and some live and in production:

  • LOFEX - Local Food Express - Cocoon 2.0 RC 1
  • eKommunen - Cocoon 2.0.1 (in the meantime this software is sold and I don't know the technological base any longer.
  • ConWeb - Cocoon 2.0.4 (needs Mozilla 1.x or Netscape 7.x because of XUL)

Because of my XSLT knowledge I had to do the transformations of backend XML structures to frontend HTML views or in the ConWeb project to RDF data structures. I became a frontend programmer - no HTML-coder (wink)

Since May 2003 I have been a Cocoon committer and I'm proud of being part of this community.

Since December 2003 I have been working for a new company called eWerk. They hired me and a second developer from Virbus AG (that has been closed), they overtook the both remaining Cocoon projects mentioned above and I have now almost finished the next project - again Cocoon based, using Woody and OJBBlock. Therefore I also dived more and more into Java development.

If you have any questions related to XSLT, Cocoon or something similar, you can ask me on the Cocoon mailing lists or privately: joerg.heinicke<at>gmx.de.

With best regards,


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