I'm happy to be a Cocoon user.

Cocoon is the kind of tool I wished I had discovered earlier. Thanks to all involved in making it happen.

  • Currently I use cocoon 2.1.4 and some parts of the forrest link/menu system.
  • I also struggle to generate my site offline, as I do not need a dynamic system at this time. I resolved all my trouble at this point by not automatically collecting links. I list all page URLS (and graphic artifacts (+CSS +JavaScripts) in the *.xconf file. this is tedious but works.
  • As mentioned I tend to generate sites offline. However I also want to use test them straight off the cocoon Jetty servlet server. This poses some challenges regarding CocoonCLIAndRelativeURI

I'm involved with Conficio - publisher of Plan-B, the smart answer to frequently asked questions and Weltladen Lienz - the fair trade shop in Osttirol, Austria

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