Leo Rutten




I am an informatics lecturer at the Kath. Hogeschool Limburg in Diepenbeek. I am using and teaching (among other topics such as Linux, C++, Java, XML, XSL, Tomcat, Ozone) Cocoon since 1999. And my students like it. They always get very impressed by the capabilities of Cocoon. The main reason why I am using Cocoon is the separation of concerns, and secondary Cocoon is a good place to learn XML, XSL, SVG, database and other technologies. In my opinion higher engineering education should be ahead of the technology commonly used in industry, and Cocoon is a good example.

One of the applications I made is an overview of all the classroom schedules in my school (look here).

I am living in Diepenbeek (which is the same town as my school). While not working I spend my time with my family (married with 4 children: boy, girl, girl, boy). And when I get some extra spare time I am busy
in the Belgian folk music scene which is very lively, especially in Ghent.

The strangest Belgian beer: mix half a bottle Westmalle Double Trappist and half a bottle Westmalle Triple Trappist.

October 1st, 2003

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