RT = Random Thoughts

One of the often heard complaints on the Cocoon developers list is the difficulty of keeping up with RT threads using the email medium. So here we are with a placeholder page for upcoming Random Thoughts. RTs are basically long and thought-provoking mails with new project propositions, that are discussed and scrutinized at length.

  • DistributingCocoonApplications : if I build a Cocoon based application, how should I distribute it for others to use?
  • SeparationOfLogicAndContent: on best practices and design patterns for complex Cocoon-based web applications
  • GraphicalWikiDream: could we use editable drawings on the wiki for concepts and design?
  • DebuggingXMLandXSLTransformation: on thoughts regarding user-firendly debugging information - no stack traces
  • CocoonUpgrade: an idea for creating a set of tutorials and/or scripts to move an existing Cocoon application from one version to the next.
  • GeneralizedFlow: some random thoughts placing the 'Flow' in a larger picture of web application development.
  • FlowAndWebServices: ways of connecting to web services from flow.
  • UnifiedSQLTransformerAndLogicsheet: let's merge the codebases and come up with the best of both worlds.
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