Tests for Cocoon Release 2.1.8

In the table below please add any tests that you have completed for this Cocoon version, even if it is after the release. If a test failed please but the Jira issue number into the cell. If it passed for you put "pass" in the cell, unless there is already an issue number. Please add columns as needed.


Jetty Linux

Jetty Windows

Jetty MacOS

Tomcat 5.5.12 Linux

Tomcat 5.5.12 Windows

Tomcat 4.1 Linux

Tomcat 4.1 Windows



Portal does not work, OJB fails because of missing jdbc classes







Portal pass

Portal pass









rev 329128: htmlunit-tests ok
junit-tests: 1668,1669













(aaaaaargh this table editing stuff is AWFUL (wink)

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