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OwenSmith 24-Jun-2004

Sitemap element: match

Match the current request against a given pattern.

Included from



act, aggregate, call, generate, match, mount, parameter, read, redirect-to, select, serialize, transform

Attribute Definitions


(Required) A pattern to match the current request against.


The name of the matcher component to use.


match is used to associate a class of website requests with the actions that need to be taken to respond to the request.

The type attribute, if specified, must be the name of a matcher component which is available through the current sitemap. That matcher will attempt to evaluate the request against the pattern expression specified in the pattern attribute, according to whatever pattern-matching rules the matcher implements. If the matcher component determines that the current request matches the given pattern, then the match element's children will be processed.

The descendants may be able to refer to matched portions of the pattern expression (TODO: explain).

If no type attribute is specified, the default matcher will be used, as defined by the default attribute of the sitemap's matchers element. The default sitemap of the Cocoon distribution uses WildcardURIMatcher as the default matcher.

See Also

matcher, pipeline, WildcardURIMatcher

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