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Name: Thorsten Scherler

Country: Spain

Nationality: German

Languages: German, English, Spanish

mailto: thorsten (at) apache dot org

Personal webpage:

personal (wink) snippets (feel free to enhance and add to it)


Lenya User Meeting Spain 2004 - We are planing a user meeting in Spain! Come and check it out!

Wiki pages


  • GetStarted - This site is for cocoon user who are trying to get started with cocoon developing.
  • GETlenya written in cooperation with other Lenya committer

Parsing, generator, converting, database, transformation:


converting date:

  • XSPTransformCustomDate - If you are using <esql/> you may need to transform a custom date string to a valid Java Date object.

example for a transformation:

  • Jars2exclude - You will learn how to write a xsl transform that will remove certain XML-elements. This transform is capable of exceptions. I wrote that for cocoon 2.0.3. With 2.1.* the blocks are easy2exclude but still a good example for a transformation.

some database stuff:


  • BetwixtTransformer - Betwixt transformer marshals an object from the Sitemap, Session, Request or the Context into a series of SAX events.
  • betwixt - The Betwixt library provides an XML introspection mechanism for mapping beans to XML in a flexible way. It is implemented using an XMLIntrospector and XMLBeanInfo classes which are similar to the standard Introspector and BeanInfo from the Java Beans specification.



  • html-generator - Technical document, that describes the html generator of Cocoon.

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Thorsten Scherler


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