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Here are snippets gathered from the mailing list, or other rough notes. Feel free to take this content and work it up into a more fully-fledged description of the functionality, a HOW-TO or Tutorial.

Configuring Portal to be used outside the samples Folder

See PortalPaths

Make An Internal Pipeline Too

Add internal-only="true" to map:pipeline element. The pipeline can then no longer be accessed externally, but can still be invoked using the Cocoon Protocol (see Protocols)

Custom generator in Python

See PythonScriptGenerator

Perform a Redirect

See Redirects

Minimal sitemap example

See MinimalSitemapConfiguration

Using the cocoon:/ protocol to modularize pipelines and aggregate data from multiple sources

See CocoonProtocolExample

Compressing Output of Cocoon

See CocoonServletCompressionFilterSnippet

Setting the output encoding

See OutputEncoding

How to remove namespace declarations and prefixes?

See RemoveNamespaces

Error handling in the authentication framework

See AuthFWErrorHandling

Cocoon-Style Logging in Non-Cocoon Java Classes

Need to write log messages from a Java class in a Cocoon application, but your class doesn't extend a Cocoon or Avalon component? Here's how: JavaLogging.

Automatically Inserting Non-Blanking Spaces Into Empty Table Cells

Do you suffer from poorly formatted HTML tables caused by empty cells? Would you like to automatically insert a non-blanking space into all you table's empty cells? Here's an XSLT snippet that shows you how:

Docbook Transformations using Norman Walsh's stylesheets

Do you want to use Docbook as the system to write important structured documents and you want to transform them to PDF or to HTML with the stylesheets already prepared and manteined by Norman Walsh? DocbookTransformation.

Sitemap Variable Substitution

Learn about the different ways of using SitemapVariableSubstitution inside the sitemap.

LDAP Transformer

A little Example to get started with the LDAP

Selecting generator on extension

An example of how to find out a generator depending on the existence of a file with the given extension GeneratorOnExtension

XMLForms Repeat tag

Some of the more complex ways to use <xf:repeat> in XMLForms: XMLFormsRepeat.

Load Testing Flow With JMeter

An LoadTestingFlowWithJMeter JMeter script for testing flow with continuations.

Apache/Cocoon Virtual Hosting

An VirtualHost of how to serve several virtual hosted domains from a Apache/Tomcat server.

JavaScript Bookmarklets for cocoon-view debuging

Convenience Bookmarklets for working with cocoon-view debugging

Gzip pipeline

A GzipPipeline that supports Gzip compression

Validation Transformer

A ValidationTransformer that can be inserted in any stage of an XML pipeline, in order to validate its contents.

Foto Transformer

A FotoTransformer that can be useful for debugging any XML pipeline.

Simple Navigation Tree

A SimpleNavigationTree xml xslt Exapmle.

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