Google announced the 3rd summer of code and this year. The Austrian Computer society launched a similar project, the OSS Contest Austria 2007 (German only page, sorry!). We as Cocoon project can make proposals about possible student projects. Add your ideas about what students could do for us! If you are a student yourself and interested, don't hesitate to add your project idea too and get in contact with us as soon as possible.

If you are a Cocoon committer and consider mentoring a GSoC project, add yourself to the mentoring section of this document. Mentoring a OSS Context Austria project can only be done by committers who are regularly in Vienna, Austria. Adding yourself now only means that you are generally interested. Of course it's on you to finally accept a student application or not.

Project ideas

Enter your project ideas here and add your name so that we can ask for details. This doesn't mean that you have to mentor the project or have any other obligation.

  • Rework our samples in trunk so that they use the servlet-service framework (ReinhardPoetz)
  • Develop a new skin for our samples in trunk (ReinhardPoetz)
  • Attribute-based templates (extend cocoon-template for this purpose) (ReinhardPoetz)
  • Documentation of our blocks (+ sitemap component documentation) (ReinhardPoetz)
  • use Dojo throughout in cForms (ReinhardPoetz)


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