ALC Indore organized the following events during August to October period.

Total event organized - 2

Approximate audience reach - ~200

Events organized in August to October period

EventDateSummaryDetail Link
1.Apache Hackathon24 August 2019

ALC Indore invited local Apache enthusiast and open-source lover to participate in the Apache Hackathon.
The participant will contribute to the Apache projects.
The contribution will include, the code development, project documentation, testing and review patches, etc. 
The participants who are new to Apache (or open-source) and it's projects, the ALC Indore will guide them on the ASF, The Apache Way, various Apache Projects, and help them to start their contribution.

Apache Hackathon - 24 August 2019
2.The Apache Day28 September 2019

ALC Indore is organizing 'The Apache Day' event for student community at Prestige Institute of Engineering Management & Research institute. The event is planned into two parts.

  1. Session on Open-Source and The Apache Way (Duration 1 - 1.5 hours)
  2. Workshop (work with 8 students for the whole day and help them to make their first contribution to Apache project) 
The Apache Day - 28 September 2019

Upcoming events planned are as follows for November - January period.

EventDateSummaryDetail Link
1.Session on 'Open Source and ASF Awareness' for school students23 November 2019

ALC Indore is organizing 'Open Source and ASF Awareness' event for student community at Daisy Dales School on 23 November 2019 in Indore, India.

Open Source and ASF Awareness - 23 November 2019
2.Apache MiniConfJanuary 2020 (We are working on dates)

ALC Indore will organizing one day event, mini roadshow type, where we will be inviting speakers from Apache OFBiz, Roller, Spark projects from Indore.
<We are in process of finalizing the outline of event, will share more details soon>

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