Daniel Ruggeri shared some great ideas on ALC Outreach activities for educational institutes on the ComDev mailing list.
Here is the reference to mail thread https://s.apache.org/683ol

Important - We are documenting here (in raw format) for reference purposes so that we don't miss this information in the future.
As we established some more ALCs, we will make a more detailed execution plan on these ideas.

Notes from the mail, quoting Daniel Ruggeri:

it would be great to have
some sort of <thing> available to students, on their terms. Things such
as 1hr lunch-and-learns for an expert to just chat about their passion,
train-the-trainer sessions where an OSS evangelist arms faculty with
understandings, extra credit labs where students understand and
contribute to a project, and even a full-on evaluated course are ALL
valuable ways that a local chapter (or, yes, an informal user group)
could pay forward the gift of understanding to the next generation of
our industry.

Additional Information (sharing here for reference purpose, so that it will help us in detailed planning in future):
The ALC Indore organized an event for students community to spread the awareness of Open Source and The Apache Way.
Along with this, had a workshop for making their first contribution to the Apache project in September 2019.
More details can be found at https://s.apache.org/The-Apache-Day-Sept-19

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