General Community Development Strategy

What is the overall goal? / Possible Mission Statement from Original project charter

"To co-ordinate Community Development efforts and help people become involved with Apache projects"

Definition: Inclusivity: the fact or policy of not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc

What outcomes do we want?

  1. To increase community inclusivity (use of inclusivity as incorporates diversity too...) by attracting and welcoming all contributors including to the ASF (Note do we need to explicitly specify a focus on under-represented groups? or is it enough to encompass all groups and any work in this area will fall under this outcome?)
  2. To maintain retain inclusivity by maintaining a healthy, positive and socially dynamic environment where all groups feel safe, welcome and appreciated
  3. To maintain a positive culture of inclusiveness and openness that is reflected at all levels
  4. To actively monitor inclusivity within the ASF and if necessary apply strategies to encourage and attract any under-represented groups
  5. To educate projects on the Apache Way so they can more richly experience the organisation they are part of
  6. Strengthen the bonds between projects themselves and the larger Foundation
  7. Any more ?????

How can we achieve these outcomes?

  1. Reach out and attract new contributors

    1. Go to where our potential new contributors are
    2. Use Events and Meetups to attract new contributors
    3. Promote and talk about Apache and its culture through Social Media, Blogging,
    4. Marketing material (leaflets, stickers, swag..)
  2. Ensure that people that join Apache communities enjoy what they do and feel safe and appreciated

    1. Make existing contributors and all new contributors feel safe (IMPORTANT!)
    2. Ensure the contributors know they are contributing to a legal organisation with defined standards and governance
    3. Make communities welcoming and inclusive
    4. Promote collaboration
  3. Maintain a positive culture of inclusiveness and openness

    1. Have clear and understandable policies and guidelines
    2. Ensure that contributors and projects fully understand the
  4. Monitor Inclusiveness

    1. Survey contributors and projects
    2. Use and develop tools that can help monitor inclusiveness
    3. Work with contributors and committers to collect additional information
  5. Educate projects on the Apache Way

    1. Ensure that clear and simple documentation exists outlining what the Apache Way is and how it works
    2. Make sure that contributors and projects are aware of where to find and how to use it
    3. Setup mentoring? and or guidance for contributors or projects needing help
    4. Identify projects that appear to be operating outside the Apache Way and gently, kindly lead them back to the light (Could this be linked to mentoring point above?)
  6. Strenghten the links between projects and also the larger Foundation

    1. Ensure that projects are informed about what is happening across the Foundation

    2. Identify projects that cover similar domains and promote cross collaboration



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