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How to Set up Environment

  • Use Ruby and Gem ( to install Jekyll 

    Tips: during installation, error "Could not find a valid gem 'jekyll' (>= 0)..." encountered. To solve it, execute "gem sources --add --remove" before running "gem install jekyll".

  • Clone Eagle Document Site

  • Build and Preview Eagle Document Site (url is by default)

How to Write Document

Before writing documents, please make sure jekyll server running

How to Publish

The main purpose of this step is to build with "jekyll build" and commit changes in "_site" into "", then will automatically serve the changes.

  • Clone site from apache svn repository into local directory EAGLE_SITE_SVN_DIR for example "eagle-site-svn"

  • Build as static web site into '_site' directory and commit changes under ${EAGLE_SITE_SVN_DIR} back to apache svn repository

  • Commit "_site" content into svn repository 

  • Validate whether the website is updated in



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  1. RVM dosen't recommend to run Ruby as root.